Why Is The Husband Of A Characterless Woman Only Characterless ?

 The one who lives like that, God makes him a pair. The partner of a vicious person is bound to be vicious.


If a woman has relations with many youths before marriage whether it is mental or physical or both, then no matter how hard that woman tries, she will get a husband like herself, that is, the meaning of saying here It just so happened that she too would get a husband who had relations with many women like him. It may not be visible in front but its character will remain the same. And sooner or later that girl will come to know that the person she has married is a miscreant and characterless person. The same thing applies for men as well.

Therefore, if a woman says that she is fine but her husband is not good, then understand that she is lying. The same thing applies for men as well.

Making mistake and covering it cleverly etc. is all the work of humans, God neither commits mistake nor does He need to do any kind of cleverness.🕉️🕉️


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