God Of Universe-- God Bless You By Lali ajay

 🌷: Activities like faeces, urine, spitting, etc. should not be done in a river, in places of pilgrimage, on one's own shadow, on the shadow of a tree, in front of a great man, at the time of worship. This leads to sin. and such a person goes to hell

🌷 The person who grabs the land or wealth of others or has such thinking, that person is an unrighteous person, and such unrighteous sinner goes to hell, he stands on two legs in this life but in the next life He becomes a creature with four legs or 8 legs or crawling.

: The one who lives like that, God makes him a pair. The partner of a vicious person is bound to be vicious.

If a woman has relations with many youths before marriage whether it is mental or physical or both, then no matter how hard that woman tries, she will get a husband like herself, that is, the meaning of saying here It just so happened that she too would get a husband who had relations with many women like him. It may not be visible in front but its character will remain the same. And sooner or later that girl will come to know that the person she has married is a miscreant and characterless person. The same thing applies for men as well.

Therefore, if a woman says that she is fine but her husband is not good, then understand that she is lying. The same thing applies to men as well...

  From the process of taking birth to the process of death, a person only experiences sorrow, he gets happiness only to the extent that he can bear the sorrow.

But an intoxicated person can neither understand the sorrows of the process of birth, nor can he understand the pain that arises at the time of death, he can only understand the taste of sex, the taste of the tongue.

His condition is only like that of dogs, like if a dog finds a bone, it immediately follows the bone and keeps on eating it, now what will come out of the bone, so after a while blood starts coming out of its mouth, Even then the dog keeps on eating that bone and he is thinking that he is getting this taste from the bone whereas he himself gets the taste from the blood coming out of his mouth, same is the condition of human beings, sorrow on earth. There is sorrow, but sorrow…

: A person who gives importance to money is unrighteous and sinful, even if he is rich in money, but he is ignorant and foolish in terms of knowledge and wisdom, he only tortures people mentally or physically with his money. does, and by doing such atrocity, he gets a lot of happiness and satisfaction. Such a person is an unrighteous person, such a person goes to hell.

The person who thinks only about himself and neither he thinks about his home nor about the members of the family, such a selfish person is called an unrighteous person and a person with this type of thinking will be blessed with God in the next life. No one gives a house, such a person roams in the jungles and bushes as a 4 legged, or 8 legged or crawling creature.

🌷: The woman who tries to enjoy in many men, God makes her a eunuch in the next life. The same thing is for men too.🕉️🕉️🕉️

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